Financial Management for OMG’s

For OMG’s (one-man-gangs), juggling the demands of running and growing your business can be a difficult line to tow. Too often we find ourselves drawn into the day to day running of the business, being reactive to emails and phone calls and neglecting the growth of the business.

When you’re neglecting growth and spending 90% of your day on high priority, low importance tasks, the high importance but low priority tasks can go completely ignored. I’d class financial management in that bracket.

Realistically, tracking your finances isn’t going to make a huge difference in your business like focusing on growth is, but making sure you at least have this aspect of your OMG handled is going to help you save time, save money on tax fines, and help you to reliably predict future cash flow.

So what’s the best way for OMG’s to handle their finances?

There comes the point in every business where a pen and pencil just doesn’t do it anymore for tracking your finances. Some businesses may not need anything fancy for some time, and others might need good accounting software immediately. If you are making finance management decisions, you should consider using Quickbooks to manage your finances, using this accounting software offers tons of advantages.


If you are a business owner using QuickBooks to manage the bookkeeping and accounting aspects of your business, you may also want to consider utilizing some of the other management tools available within QuickBooks, including those that can help you to manage and improve the cash flow in your business. If you extend credit to customers, one of the key reports available in QuickBooks Pro is the “Accounts Receivable Aging Summary” report. This report summarizes the state of unpaid invoices. For each customer who owes money, the report shows what the customer owes for both current and previous billing periods. It’s a good idea to examine this report on a monthly basis and pay particular attention to those customers who have overdue balances.

For those customers you are having difficulty collecting payment from, there is an option available in QuickBooks Company, linked with Microsoft Word, to prepare letters using specific templates. For example, there are pre-written collection letters, both friendly reminders and somewhat harsher versions that you can use & modify to send to customers that have overdue balances. You can even limit the letter recipients to customers who are overdue by a certain number of days, as well as select specific customers. QuickBooks also has letter templates for credit application letters and for addressing NSF cheques.

Other tools available in QuickBooks Pro, that can be useful to improve cash flow management in your business include the ability to: customize invoices; set-up reminders for invoices to print and overdue invoices; create statements to send to your customers that summarize all invoice transactions for a particular period of time; and set-up finance charges or service charges for overdue payments. Reducing the average collection period by even a few days can have a dramatic impact on both your company’s cash flow and the bottom-line. So, if you are using a small business program such as QuickBooks, try utilizing some of the built-in management resources available, such as those designed to help you manage the cash flow in your business more effectively.

QuickBooks software has a very user-friendly interface and is easy to learn. A small business owner must know how to take and record payments, and enter new service items into their account software because this is what you are paid for. You may need multiple price levels for different types of services, such as a regular price, a sale price or a senior discount. Intuit, the company behind the software, included dozens of training lessons with the software. So even if you can’t tell the difference between a debit and credit, you can learn to use this software within a short period and manage the finances effectively.

Other Options

Maybe you intend to outsource your financial management, and that’s fine – but remember you will still need to rack outgoings/incomings with a tool like Quickbooks.


If you really don’t want to bother learning how to use a new software system for managing your expenses then using Excel will probably be your best best. Google ‘excel template finance management small company’ and you’ll find hundreds of results for templates that will help you track costs, outgoings, incomings, tax, and so on. Your particular niche and tax rules will determine which template is best for you, but if you find something particularly excellent then let me know here.


If your business is significantly larger than an OMG, then a different solution might be more suitable, for example, you might need a tool that helps with supplier statement reconciliation like the one offered at, however, again I don’t have too much experience in this field. Check out the link above and let me know if you find something ideal so I can pass the message along to readers.

My Favorite Movies of the Year

In 2016, going to the movies appears much more like a matter of getting one’s expectations fulfilled. Irrespective of whether or not that’s a good thing, no reasonable person can buy a movie ticket for $15 and have no idea what they are going to see. The best movies from the first half of the year are those giving fans a lot to be surprised or optimistic about. Below is a look at the best movies of 2016 so far.

Sing Street

In ‘Sing Street,’ Ferdia Walsh-Pablo plays an Irish teenage boy who falls for a local model who is seemingly out of his league. He goes on to form a band so that the model, played by Lucy Boynton, can be in their music videos. All in all, he is quite good, meaning that there is great music to accompany the story of getting the girl.

Captain America: Civil War

While Captain America: Civil War’ may not be the best film in the huge 13-film series so far, it is definitely somewhere on the top. The movie pits Captain America, played by Chris Evans, against super friend Tony stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., in a rather emotionally charged battle. In addition, it introduces Tom Holland as the new amazing Spiderman and the Black Panther, the diverse hero that movie fans have been yearning for, played by Chadwick Boseman.


The Witch

The total disintegration of a dysfunctional family is seen through a terrifying Puritan lens in The Witch’. Anya Taylor-Joy plays the role a teenage member of a Puritan family. The rural world of a New England clan is rocked to the core their youngest child goes missing. The nightmare gets even worse given the dark threat lurking in the nearby forest and a creepy goat on the farm called Black Phillip.


Zootopia’ is an apparently straightforward Disney animated film in which Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin lend their voices. Nick Wilde, voiced by Goodwin, is a bunny cop who teams up with a con artist called Judy Hopps, voiced by Bateman. The two make up what ends up becoming a rather deep exploration of identity, prejudice and tolerance. Movie fans will love the social commentary as well the funny attics about doughnut-loving cops and hamster businessmen.


The Lobster

The Lobster’ is among the most romantic films of 2016, and stars Colin Farrell. It tells the story of a group of people who have to find a soul mate within 45 days, failure to which they get transformed into an animal. Farrell’s character risks becoming a lobster if he fails. All in all, he is surprisingly lovable as schlubby man looking for love in a dystopia that emphasizes on social matching while leaving loners out in the cold to survive.

10 Cloverfield Lane

’10 Cloverfield Lane’ may be referred to as a spiritual successor or a quasi-sequel. All in all, this bunker thriller is an upgrade from the viral blockbuster film Cloverfield’ when it comes to acting, filmmaking and dishing out real surprises. In fact, john Goodman deserves an Oscar nod for his performance. The movie keeps the viewer glued to the screen until the credits roll.

The Most Important Supplements for Optimal Health

For the better health and maintaining optimum energy round the clock, you need to get supplements along with proper food. These supplements will help you to fulfill the energy needs and maintain your needed health for longer. While selecting the supplements for your regular use, you need to check for their ingredients that are used to prepare them. Besides this, you should also select the best brand for getting the right kind of food supplements. These common things will help you to select the Best food supplements for optimal health benefits.


If you are in need of proteins with your regular food, then you can consider for getting the superior quality Whey protein smoothies. These are prepared using the quality whey and other basic ingredients in accurate compositions for better health results. Such supplements are mixed with milk to fulfill the requirements of protein in the body of the users. You can easily get these proteins offered by several brands and in various packing, options to cater your needs.

Besides this, you can also consider for getting the best and effective natural proteins. Several brands are available in the market that introduces pure and effective protein products. You can get these products and fulfill the need of protein in an easier way. They can also be added into drinks to enhance their taste and make them more energetic for you and your health. The choice is your that which product are you going to select for your regular use to enhance the taste and maintain your health.


Moreover, if you are a sports person, then no doubt you need better energy for the superior performance. To fulfill these energy needs, you can search Sports supplements and get them for your use. These supplements are prepared by culinary experts by making use of world class basic ingredients. Post production, these supplements are checked by experts for their quality and effectiveness. Once they are checked by quality checkers, they are packed in moisture-proof packets for their long shelf life. These packets also ensure their original taste for longer.

Hence, if you are also planning to get the best and effective supplements for your regular use; you need to select the best. You can search online and find a number of companies that has a great stock of all these products and you can select the needed one in an easier way. These suppliers will also offer you the needed products within the promised period of time.As an added advantage to using whole food supplements a person also benefits from the other natural nutrients that are present in natural foods. This is a result of whole food supplements producing company not extracting the nutrients from a natural food but compressing or concentrating the whole food into a whole food supplements pill formation. This development from artificial supplements to whole food supplements will provide an individual the very best way to keep their body supplied with the necessary amount of nutrients that are easy to process and provide the best results.

When you go to a vitamin and mineral counter in a grocery store or pharmacy you are usually met with a ten-foot long wall of vitamins. Half of the vitamins and minerals on this wall are new to the observer, causing the question of whether an individual is truly taking all the vitamins and minerals they need with their few artificial supplements.

Double Your Freelancing Rate Made Me Change My Approach

Double Your Freelancing Rate (DYFR) is one of the most informative and helpful resources I have ever come across. When I came across this book for the first time I thought I was doing everything the way it is supposed to be done and therefore I didn’t need any additional help. I stopped following the instructions of my clients where I did not do exactly as they wanted. Instead, I took time to find the precise roots of their problems and then apply my expertise to deal with these root causes.


The approach I used and my pricing did not allow me to maximize the value I provided. I used to charge on an hourly base which hindered me from getting ahead. This was actually my biggest problem and the only way to solve it was to get helpful advice which would help me advance to the next level.

Application and light on theory are some of the most important features of DYFR. All the points contained in the book are very reasonable and easy to apply. The different topics are also explained in details which lets all the people who read the book to have deep understanding of the various topics. The advice comes in form of a series of first hand accounts from Brennan’s consulting business. This advice is so practical to the extent that it feels like the advice that would have helped Brennan become successful faster if only he knew about it during his younger days. Therefore, if you apply the advice correctly you will be able to become successful faster.

Brennan takes time to teach you how you can effectively extract the core needs of any project you are undertaking. He incorporates a number of real world examples which are meant to illustrate this concept. The concept is particularly important when it comes to creating high value businesses since it treats the cause of the problem and not the symptoms.

Extracting the core needs of any project is especially helpful because most customers rarely ask for this. When you get the core needs of a project you will be able to easily derive the value of the project. Brennan has emphasized on this point mainly because his advice on how to increase your rate is primarily based on this. With helpful examples he explains how you can quantify the value in different corporate environments and project types.

Besides teaching you on his basic concept, Brennan has used the rest of the book to provide you with focused tactics to help you in justifying your value, writing unique proposals and closing deals with clients. These tactics are presented in a simple manner and they are supported by stories from Brennan’s career and case studies from other freelancers. Just be reading these tactics you will understand how easy it is to apply them in your business.


Double Your Freelancing Rate is suitable for people like me who have already seen the concepts and also for people who are seeing them for the first time. If you are familiar with the concepts the book will help you cement their value while at the same time giving you the power to eventually apply them. In case you are coming across the concepts for the first time, DYFR will explain them in a straight forward manner which you will understand easily. I can confirm that this was one of the best investments in my business and I want to try all the things I have learned from the book.